Last nights meeting . . .

Topic – ‘What’s your “What Now?”‘

Paradigm shift – The conversation last night was focused on green and socially aware business. Many who attended are small business owners committed to these two things. While green and socially aware new products are generally higher cost on the front end they amortize to lower cost on the back end, (much the way investing in schools on the front end prevents crime, police and prison costs on the back end. “Front end work always prevents ‘back end’ costs of time and money” DS). Given the economic climate people are mindful of what they are spending ‘now’.

Another aspect of ‘green’¬† & ‘socially aware consumption’ is freecycle/recycle. After tonight’s conversation I pose the question “Is there a way to integrate ‘green costs with freecycle’ in a winning way?” for small business and ‘socially aware’ budget minded consumers.

If you attended the meeting tonight I invite any thoughts you have on the conversation. If you were not able to attend and have thoughts on the question I posed, please feel free to comment and contribute to the conversation .

It was great to see you all.

Look forward to seeing you at the next meeting at Linden St. on Tuesday September 28th. Feel free to invite a friend who would enjoy an engaging conversation about ‘What now?’

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What’s your ‘What Now?’ . . . now . . .

Series of 3 beginning this Tuesday September 14th. We will meet every other Tuesday at 95 Linden St. Brewery in Oakland.

In this rapidly changing climate what’s different for you now than six months ago? Are you seing new opportunities? How are you navigating change? ¬†Looking forward to hearing from you all and having another rich conversation.

If you have any questions call Denise @ 415 690-5656

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Tuesday the 29th! Currency #3

See ‘recent meeting notes’ or post a comment below!

Topic; “Is ‘Currency’ serving us, or, are we serving ‘IT’?

Come to ‘What Now? Meeting’ tomorrow night!

This is #3 in five series on Currency. We will also revisit a few points that came up in meeting #1 and #2. This has been a great conversation and really fun! so far we have all learned something new. For each person, what they’ve learned has been different from one another at meetings #1 & #2.

Join us tomorrow night at 95 Linden St. Brewery @ 7 pm for yet another fun, informative and lively discussion. The meeting will wrap up about 9:15 to allow time for connecting with others at the meeting after wards.

I look forward to seeing you.

Please RSVP if you

Denise Sims

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Meeting This Tuesday! #2 on ‘Currency’

I’m so excited about the upcoming meeting this Tuesday. There are many facets to #2 meeting conversation and it’s going to be a ‘JUICY’ ONE.

I look forward to seeing all your bright an shining faces.

The weather has been so beautiful it may be a great night to organize a BBQ prior to meeting. We will begin promptly at 7pm. There is A LOT to cover in this Tuesday’s meeting so BBQ would need to begin at 5:00pm.

Anyone who wants to volunteer to contribute to setting up BBQ and breaking it down prior to meeting, please contact me and let me know what you would like to do or contribute; ie. plates, cups, utensils, napkins etc. Also, bring what you want to throw on the grill if it is happening. Feel free to make a salad or side dish if you like. When I here back from people about BBQ I will let you know if it is happening or not. Please get back to me about BBQ contributions by Monday so I can apprise people of status.

If you plan to attend please RSVP asap.

Looking forward.


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Bay City Luv!

Congrats BCL!!!

Your feature in the Sunday Chronicle was great.

Wish you ALL THE BEST! in your vocal competition in LA this week. Hope you WIN! the grand prize!

From Denise and all ‘What Now?’ participants.


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What Are People Saying About What Now?

Ask and you shall recieve. Wow! Thanks for setting this up for ‘What Now’ participants Allison.

What Now? participants – Here ya go! Feel free to continue ‘What Now?’ conversation any time.


Look for podcast of #1 in series of five about ‘Currency’. Coming soon. . . .

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