Tuesday the 29th! Currency #3

See ‘recent meeting notes’ or post a comment below!

Topic; “Is ‘Currency’ serving us, or, are we serving ‘IT’?

Come to ‘What Now? Meeting’ tomorrow night!

This is #3 in five series on Currency. We will also revisit a few points that came up in meeting #1 and #2. This has been a great conversation and really fun! so far we have all learned something new. For each person, what they’ve learned has been different from one another at meetings #1 & #2.

Join us tomorrow night at 95 Linden St. Brewery @ 7 pm for yet another fun, informative and lively discussion. The meeting will wrap up about 9:15 to allow time for connecting with others at the meeting after wards.

I look forward to seeing you.

Please RSVP if you

Denise Sims


About whatnowmeetings

what now is an inquiry into current issues of the day
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