“What NOW?” !!!  Meetings

An idea whose time has come . . .

“Problems are never solved at the same level in which they were created.”                                            Albert Einstein

‘What Now?’ is a community discussion and “Inquiry” conversation.

In these rapidly changing times we have never been where we are today.

Technology, jobs, banks, housing market, education, community and personal & family concerns have never been where they are today.

The social climate we are facing seems to be ‘DEMANDING’ and ‘CALLING FORWARD’ new thought, new services, new businesses, NEW SOLTUIONS! for succeeding in our everyday life and in our communities.

“What gets us in trouble is not we don’t know, it’s what we know for sure that just ain’t so.”                 Mark Twain

There is a vast reservoir of wisdom, which only comes from life experience, held in generations ‘40 something’ and over. And, this is the first time in history ‘30 something’ and under generations, have more access to more ‘information’ due to technology becoming a natural extension of every day life starting when you are two! This calls for new ways of relating and communicating in our current environment of rapidly moving technology. It poses a unique and demanding new way of thinking for all generations to actively engage in co-creating a world that works for everyone.

“What Now?” meetings will pose a topic and questions for ‘inquiry discussion’ at each meeting. The purpose of ‘What Now?’ is to engage, explore and discuss current issues and challenges we face in our everyday life and exchange ideas, new thoughts and solutions being called forward in these rapidly changing times. This is a forum intended to include a broad spectrum of age group’s to add to the richness of conversation and exchange in a discussion about ‘What Now’! Ages 6 to 160 are encouraged to attend.

Join us and bring a friend or family member to have a spirited, engaging and insightful discussion about “What Now?” and co-creating new solutions.

What Now meetings are strictly based on volunteer and donation in the spirit of co-creating ??? What? now.

Denise Sims, founder of Simaxion Coaching and Denise Sims Image Consulting services designed and created ‘What Now?’ meetings. She will facilitate all meetings.

Adam Lamoreaux, owner of Linden St. brewery has generously provided meeting location.

Allison Bliss, owner of Allison Bliss consulting generously designed and put up this blog site for ongoing conversations between meetings.

Coming soon! POD cast. Matt and Jill Fiddler generously taped ‘Currency’ #1. PODcast available soon.

Please RSVP! So we know how many people to expect for room set up. fyi@whatnowmeetings.com

Please view the following for ‘What Now?’ meetings guidlines. What the meeting “IS” and what it is “NOT”.

Tuesdays            Time: 7–9:30pm.

Location: Linden St. Brewery, 95 Linden St, Suite 8, Oakland

RSVP- A Must. Denise Sims (415) 690-5656
Email: fyi@whatnowmeetings.comWhat this Meeting IS:

*A public conversation for community discussion and inquiry.

* A place to share observations about current social and business climate

*A place to identify current breakdowns (What’s so, no bitching! No ‘Cry Babies’!)

*A place to exchange ideas, resource one another and find creative new solutions

*A place to identify and discuss current opportunities to meet and remedy breakdowns

What this meeting is NOT:

*A ‘bitch fest’ about problems

*An arena for self-pontification

*A space for ‘mental masturbation’

*A political ‘soapbox’ platform

*An angry mob ‘rage fest’.

*An intellectual, existential sparring session.


*There will be a stated topic for each series and meeting.

*Questions will be posed to the group for discussion and ‘inquiry’.

*Last 15 minutes of each meeting will be held open for meeting one another and individual conversation.

*Operating Guidelines must be honored and observed.

New format optional; Arrive at 5:30 for BBQ if you wish. BYO everything you want to eat and throw on the grill. Meeting will begin promptly @ 7pm. If you want to BBQ we need volunteers and donations for plates, napkins, utencils and someone to man the grill, set up and clean up.

Denise Sims, founder of Simaxion Coaching, will host and facilitate group conversation.

Volunteer your skills, gifts and talents to enrich any aspect of “What Now?”


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