Recent Meeting Notes

Meeting update!

Completed #3  of ‘Currency series’ last night. A few FYI’s about meetings going forward. All meetings will remain on Tuesdays at same location and same times. Meetings will be held every other Tuesday through July. We will take a break during the month of August and resume in September starting the first Tuesday of September on every other Tuesday schedule.

We appreciate your patience in advance. There is a glitch in the email list. Numerous people did not receive W/N meeting email last Monday July 28th. So far I only know of 2 people who did receive it and numerous others who did not. I will be working on this and you may get 1-3 emails from me in the process of getting the notification email list sorted out.

I invite you to post any comments, conversations or topics on ‘What Now?’ meetings. We want to hear from you!

Greetings guys and gals,

Did #1 of 5 series at What Now tonight.
The topic was ‘CURRENCY’.

Really interesting. It was a dominantly male group and a more
serious ‘loaded’ topic and we all laughed our asses off! The most rockas evening to date! Also learned and shared. Waaay fun evening. No one wanted to leave.

Also, Matt Fiddler of Fiddler productions set it up, taped it and is ‘POD Casting’ it! Thanks Matt and Jill!

I invite all who attended to post comments or thoughts on meeting #1


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