What Now Meeting this Tuesday!

September 14th from 7pm to 9:30 at 95 Linden St.

What’s your ‘What Now?’ . . . now . . . ?

It’s been a while since we’ve seen one another. Since we began about 6 months ago I know many things have changed rapidly for all of us. After much thought and some conversation with people about next topic, I keep landing on “What’s your ‘What now?” I’d like to get together and discuss the climate change in our lives since we began. As a result of the conversation at #1 meeting we will determine direction for meetings #2 and #3.

Look forward to seeing you!

Meetings are always on Tuesdays at 95 Linden St. Oakland CA. Time – 7pm to 9:30.

RSVP – fyi@whatnowmeetings.com

Mark your calendar for the following dates. Series of 3 every other week beginning next Tuesday.
September 14th – #1

Tuesday September 28th – #2

Tuesday October 5th – #3


2 Responses to What Now Meeting this Tuesday!

  1. I’ve been to two meetings and found them very insightful. Denise is great at moderating these sessions to give everyone a chance to speak, if they wish, and to keep the conversation a true inquiry instead of promotional platform. She brought a performance of some awesome singers to inspire us at one meeting – and I particularly LOVED having old & young people in the mix: it’s nice to hear our generational differences: makes one think more vastly! Opening our minds: that’s the goal it seems to me. Nice job, Denise! Sincerely, Allison Bliss

    • Denise Sims says:

      Thanks Allison

      So happy to hear you enjoyed it and learned something too! That’s meerely one of the goals. Has anything else come out of ‘What Now?’ meeting for you?
      People, biz, new thought, new paradigm, relationships?

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